Making It Happen

OLC's inception, growth and success have been achieved by working together with partners in all sectors and this will remain its focus. OLC is committed to growth enabled by collaboration. In the process, it will continue to enhance its own capabilities through the synergy of transferring skills, sharing resources and integrating activities with its collaborative partners.

OLC's resources, energy and commitment will be to enhance its existing successful collaborations and partnerships and forge new ones. These will continue to be complementary to its mission and strategic goals. They will be characterised as being:

  • designed to meet customer needs
  • project-driven
  • mutually beneficial to all parties to the collaboration or partnership
  • based on open, frank and transparent communication supported by realistic performance criteria

Therefore, In order to deliver the strategic goals, OLC will strive to work with its partners including other leading providers, institutions and professional bodies to provide first class innovative learning and teaching services to be the regional leader in understanding students, corporate clients, employers and the societies it operates in.