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Executive Certificate in Financial Management


Specifically designed to de-mystify accounting and finance for non-financial managers and
non-accountants enabling managers, not only to understand financial information, but also link it to broader strategic decisions.

Provides a fast-track springboard to further study on our University of Gloucestershire MBA programme

Executive Certificate in Financial Management For Non-Financial Managers
Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial and Non-Accounting Managers is ideal for anyone with current or anticipated roles in Management requiring interpretation of financial statements; making management accounting decisions including preparing and managing budgets; understanding and managing finance and financial strategy.Participants range from managers with little background working with financial data to accounting and financial professionals who seek a "refresher" course.

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial and Non-Accounting Managers provides you with a strong
foundation in financial analysis that will enable you to:

  • Increase your ability to read, interpret, and use accounting and financial information in your daily business.
  • Increase your confidence in preparing and analysing budgets to better manage scarce resources in your organisation.
  • Explain "best practices" used by managers to create alignment around necessary key strategies to make your business successful.
  • The Executive Certificate in Financial Management provides the practical knowledge you need to take the fear out of accounting and ensure confident participation in financial discussions. This new qualification is aimed at non-financial Managers and Executives with financial responsibility, and is built around a unique, one academic year programme.

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