Open Learning Centre
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Chartered Institute of Management Accountants: CIMA


Computer Based Assessment (CBA)
Open Learning Centre is a registered Centre with CIMA's Computer Based Assessment (CBA) programme. OLC offers all 5 subjects of the Certificate Stage.

Payments towards exam fees can't be easier. Your first option should be to pay for your exams using a bank draft obtained from the local bank. This way you only need to pay your Centre fee to OLC. Second option is not to worry about the hassle of getting a bank draft and let us do it for you. You simply pay the Exam and Centre Fee directly to OLC, and we will sort out the rest.

CBA exams do not have a set timetable. They are treated as "on demand" which means you can write when you are ready. The flexibility of the exam and deadlines allows you to manage your time and study. You may even opt to sit for your exams after breakfast on a quiet Sunday!

Open Learning Centre currently offers the following stages and modules:


    Fundamentals of Business Economics
    Fundamentals of Management Accounting
    Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
    Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance & Business Law

    Organisational Management
    Management Accounting
    Financial Reporting and Taxation


    Project and Relationship Management
    Advanced Management Accounting
    Advanced Financial Reporting