Proposed Collaborations

OLC's rationale for proposed collaborations, both in terms of the programmes and in working with strategic partners in the context of the Centre strategy

OLC's strategic goals call for sustaining and enhancing growth by collaboration and partnerships with partners and collaborators who share OLC's mission to provide access and opportunity to anyone through to ultimately post-graduate level with a view to develop and prepare confident and ambitious graduates to the highest academic and professional standards equipped to shape society through their lives and careers.

OLC sees its place to become the acknowledged leader in developing the indigenous people of Southern Africa by providing training and education services through the transfer of knowledge, sharing of resources and transfer of skills through collaborative relationships with established higher educational  and professional institutions who have an international and global perspective which has been the basis of OLC's success to date towards fulfilling its mission and strategic goals. This, OLC has managed successfully for the past 22 years and wishes to continue doing so into the future.

Over the past two decade, both OLC's and the image of its strategic partners in the region have been enhanced through the effectiveness of the teaching on the collaborative professional and postgraduate management programmes. OLC and strategic partners' staff have enjoyed considerable intellectual debate. The international experience and exposure of collaborative partners' staff on teaching and staff development visits to OLC and of OLC staff during staff development, exam board and conference visits abroad have been enhanced. Students have also benefited through International Consultancy Projects within significant corporations in the Region with set up and logistics managed by OLC. OLC has benefited by adopting and implementing the UK, international, and local professional and higher education principles and practice. OLC's students have benefited by gaining access to electronic resources through the international partnerships and significant subscription to major electronic databases as well as online resources.

OLC understands, agrees to, and operates the principles and practices established for the collaborative joint agreements established within specific joint framework documents and will continue to do so.