Tafadzwa Bvekerwa


Open Learning Centre (OLC) were instrumental in assisting me to achieve the highest score internationally for the ‘Analysis and Decision’ subject on the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. Having studied at Open Learning Centre (OLC) for the duration of my CIM programme, one thing I noticed was that simply "hitting the books" would not be enough. One needed to bring a practical perspective when undertaking the courses and in addition to this, discussions with OLC's teaching team and other students supported with wider reading in order to gain a deeper insight into the subject.

I found OLC to have great teaching methods and techniques that enhanced my learning. The OLC, CIM programme is managed and taught by qualified personnel who are also practitioners of their subjects. I was able to apply my learning whilst gaining valuable experience working for Econet Wireless, putting into practice what I had been taught through the OLC CIM Programme.

Shyline Mayahle


As an entrepreneur studying ACCA at the Open Learning Centre (OLC), achieving the Diploma in Accounting and Business within a period of five months is a great achievement, thank you to OLC for their excellent state of the art facilities and teaching methods. OLC experienced teaching staff has imparted key financial and organisational skills through the ACCA programme which has assisted me to effectively manage my Microfinance business.

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